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The ImagiNation

Welcome to the Official Site of the Solelhadan Rugby Union

Federacion Solelhadana de Rugbí
F. S. R.

a founding member of the Vexillium Rugby Board

The National Team

The national team is called the Sang-e-Áur because of the colours of the national jersey. It is a founding member of the Vexillium Rugby Board.
The National Colours

The Domestic Teams

Rugby is the most popular sport of Solelhada. Even the most remote village has its own rugby field, and week ends are spent supporting one's team and drinking to rejoice after a victory or to forget a defeat.
Rugby is so popular there are four regional unions in the Republica Ensolelhada, namely:

At the end of each season, the winner of each regional union makes it to the 'finals pool' of four teams playing off each other.
The winner of the finals pool becomes the current Champion of Solelhada (the 297 Champion was the AE La Vilassa from the Federacion Regionala de la Canabièra Pichona).
Usually, several days of partying follow such a victory.

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