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Solelhadan Languages

There are several languages spoken throughout the Republica Ensolelhada. Most of them belong to the great family of Liliance languages, spoken all over the Old Continents.
Solelhadan law protects all Solelhadan languages and makes sure they are taught and officially used on their respective territory. The most widespread language is Solelhadan (see below) which is hence used as the common language amongst people from all over the country, and whose cultural centre is Solelhadís.
Local dialects of Solelhadan are also spoken far from the Solelhadís area. Solelhadan law protects all local variations of Solelhadan.
Other Isclas d'Áur languages are: Magyar and Akitanian (both spoken in the autonomous territory of Los Bedós).
On the continent, Aigadorenc is spoken in historic Aigador (ie the provinces of Alt Aigadorenc and Sa Costa), and in the utter south of Morangal; Moranguese is spoken in Morangal.


The language used for Solelhadan in the ImagiNations game is actually a real world language: Occitan, more exactly its central variety as spoken throughout southern France.


Following the break-up of Angliyaa and the inclusion of the large province of Morangal into Solelhada, Moranguese has become the second-most spoken language of the country.
Moranguese is extremely similar to northern Liliance languages like Liliani and Gorami.

Akitanian and Aigadorenc

These languages are closely related with Solelhadan. Speakers of any of these languages can freely speak to each other.
Akitanian was brought by immigrants from Gascony, a region in the centre of Akitania Berria, whereas Aigadorenc is native to historic Aigador.


This language has nothing to do with the other Solelhadan languages. It is not a Liliance language. It was brought by immigrants from Uhry (in the far south-east corner of Akitania Berria).


According to the 287 survey of the insular provinces and to estimates for the Longerath provinces, the Solelhadan languages are spoken by the following precentages of the Solelhadan population:
Solelhadan (central) 40.9 %
Solelhadan (other dialects)  8.3 %
Moranguese 31.5 %
Aigadorenc 11.7 %
Magyar  5.1 %
Akitanian  2.5 %

Languages of the RES

Languages of the Republica Ensolelhada

Ethnic Solelhadans (speakers of Aigadorenc and Moranguese) abroad

There are some Aigadorenc- and Moranguese-speaking communities scattered over the continents of Longerath and Smalik:


The people of Canina (Solelhadan name of Altland) of Solelhadan descent (37% of the population) speak Caninese, which is called Romança in the Kingdom of Altland. It is a language extremely similar to Solelhadan. The CIMO treaty has recently strengthened the cultural ties between the Republica Ensolelhada and the Caninese-speaking people of the Kingdom of Altland.