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Republica Ensolelhada

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Government of the
Republica Ensolelhada

Official Flag flown from government buildings Civil Flag flown from people's homes

Official name:
Republica Comunista, Ensolelhada e Urosa de las Isclas d'Áur e del Miègjorn de Longerath
Short name:
Republica Ensolelhada
Popular name:
Government type:
Parliamentary Socialist Republic.
The Popular Assembly represents the constituencies, whereas the Senate represents the regions. The Constitution of the 3rd Republic (adopted in the summer of 299) guarantees the rights of all Solelhadan citizens for a happy life in a sound environment.
The Happiest Leader, Our President-for-Life Joan Urós
Capital city:
Solelhadís (on the island of La Canabièra Granda)
Every province has its own official language(s), used in fields pertaining to the provincial governments (justice, education, sports).
The majority of the population speaks Solelhadan, which is the language of the ruling party, the government, the army, the national media, etc.
There are small Magyar- and Akitanian-speaking enclaves on La Canabièra Granda, making up the autonomous territory of Los Bedós.
Foreign languages (esp. Inglish) are widely understood in tourist resorts.
Religion is strictly a personal matter in the Republica Ensolelhada. All citizens are free to conduct a private practise of their religion, but public ceremonies are an offence. As such, there are no churches, mosques or whatever in Solelhada.
Communist (ie State-owned), except in the provinces of Morangal and Alt Aigadorenc, where private entrepreneurs are allowed to have up to 50 employees.
everybody shall work 2 days a week, party 2 days a week, and rest 3 days a week. All earnings are evenly split amongst all inhabitants. Immigrants are welcome as long as they conform to the Solelhadan way of life.
Things are still different in the newly acquired provinces of Morangal and Alt Aigadorenc that are struggling to leave workaholism behind.
Main Income:
Solelhada grows the best hemp of the world and exports it to her northern neighbours, as far as Whitlam. The money is used to finance the heavily subsidised Solelhadan economy.
Tourism is also a major source of income. Tourists flock to take advantage of Solelhada's first-rate hemp, beaches, and resorts.
Morangal is one of the vastest produce-growing regions of Longerath.
The Solelhadan Constitution allows only those parties who struggle for the happiness of all Solelhadans.
As a result, Solelhadan courts have outlawed most parties but the ones pursuing the goal of common happiness: the ruling PdS (Partit del Solelh), chaired by Joan Urós, which is the largest Solelhadan party, and some other minor regional parties, mostly allied with the PdS.
The enormous income brought by the hemp trade and tourism have enabled the PdS to be able to make their promises true: free education, free health services, beautiful weather, and little work.
Foreign Affairs:
The Republica Ensolelhada has been developing close ties with the Federal Republic of Whitlam for some months now.
The Rep. Ensolelhada is a founding memeber of the CIMO.
Solelhada is a full member of the ANNV, an 'observer' member of the APWH, but is not a member of the UNV.
The current minister of Foreign Affairs is Dr Pèire Vidal.
The Baiòque (Bq).
Subdivision: the Sòu (s); 1 Bq = 20 s.
Since the Solelhadan industry is state-owned and heavily subsidised, it is unclear how much a Baiòque may be worth with regard to other currencies.
As a matter of fact, the hotels, resorts and casinos of Solelhada only accept foreign currencies and Mandas (see below).
It is unlawful to own Solelhadan currency for visitors, and it is also unlawful to own foreign currencies for Solelhadan nationals.
Morangal and Alt Aigadorenc, as formerly Angliyaan provinces in which Capitalism was the norm, have retained a special economic system with regard to the rest of the country.
Morangal and Alt Aigadorenc have their own hard currency called the Manda (M).
It is unlawful to own Mandas for Solelhadans who are not residents of those provinces.

rectangular pale blue over green horizontal bicolour with a golden star in the centre. Proportions 2:3.
According to the Constitution, the pale blue over green flag represents the ever-sunny sky over the bountiful hemp fields of the main islands of Solelhada. The golden star is both a symbol of the sun and of the ruling party, the PdS.
Naval Ensign:
an alternate design of the State Flag, the deep blue colour standing for the sea around Solelhada...
National anthem:
Visca lo Cambe, visca la Mar, visca lo Solelh!

Provinces of the RES

Administrative Divisions of the Republica Ensolelhada

47 million (no official census data available), plus the immigrants
Average density:
approximately 20 inhabitants per square km
Urban vs Rural population:
2:1 ratio
Main urban areas:
Morango (2,100,000 inhabitants), Amêndoa (1,700,000), Solelhadís (1,400,000), Maçã (800,000), Darsa Anglesa (700,000), Aigador del Nord (650,000), Dàrsena Nova (600,000), Darsa Solelhadenca (500,000), La Vilassa (450,000), Taronja (400,000), Aigador (350,000), Darsa Miègjornala (300,000), Ais d'Argentosa (200,000), Olhão (200,000), Viça (200,000).

illiteracy rate 0%, high schools 2,500, universities 30 (the three largest are the Universidade Estadal de Morango, the Universitat Populara de Solelhadís and the Universitat Populara de la Canabièra Pichona)
Solelhada is renowned for her cinematographic production, especially the grand epic motion pictures depicting the struggle of Solelhadans for progress and happiness.
Household equipment:
Radios 88%; Telephones 65%; Cars 60%; TV sets 54%; PC's 24%.
International Telephone code is 163. There are four area codes over Solelhada:
Provinces Area Code Number of digits of phone number
Solelhadís, Los Bedós, La Canabièra Granda 01 five
Argentosa, Bargum, La Canabièra Pichona, Sa Costa 02 five
Morangal 03 six
Alt Aigadorenc 04 five

Internet Domain name is re
As a proper way to improve oneself, sports are highly encouraged by the Government. The Ministry of Sports has a good share of the State budget, and the other Ministries also take part in the many sports events of the season
The most popular sports are rugby and football
Licence Plates:
The automobile oval on Solelhadan cars is RE
It is only required for those travelling abroad, however.
Ownership of private cars is frowned upon by the government, both for political and ecological reasons. As a result, almost all Solelhadan vehicles are state-owned, except in the provinces of Morangal and Alt Aigadorenc, where the road network is more developed.
Solelhadan licence plates are colour-coded depending on the owner of the vehicle:
Owner Plate Colour Letters Colour
Administration White Dark Blue
Ministry of Defence Red Yellow
Ministry of Tourism & Drugs Light Blue Black
Ministry of Interior White Deep Red
Private Cars (except Morangal and Alt Aigadorenc) Light Green Yellow
Private Cars (Morangal and Alt Aigadorenc) Dark Green Yellow
The licence number itself is a combination of three digits (year) followed by three random letters, except in the provinces of Morangal and Alt Aigadorenc, where the licence number is made up of three digits (year) followed by one or two letters corresponding to the city where the licence was issued (A/AN/DN/M/Ma/T) and four random digits.

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