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The territory of the Republica Ensolelhada is made up of four islands and a large piece of mostly coastal land in the south-east of Longerath.

The names of the islands are (from eastern- to westernmost):

The piece of land is made up of two historical regions: Aigador and Morangal. The former is today divided in two provinces, Sa Costa and Alt Aigadorenc, whereas the latter is the largest Solelhadan province.


The Republica Ensolelhada is made up of seven provinces, one district, and one autonomous territory.

The provinces correspond to each one of the islands and to the provinces on the continent.

The district corresponds to the urban area of Solelhadís, the capital city of the country, situated in the centre of the island of La Canabièra Granda.

The autonomous territory is an enclave in the central hills of La Canabièra Granda inhabited by the descendants of settlers who came from New Aquitania many centuries ago and who still speak the languages of their forefathers. This territory is called Los Bedós; the largest settlements there are Székelyudvarhely and Hornieira.


The largest city of the RES is Morango which is also the seat of the provincial government of Morangal.
Other very large cities are the capital city of the republic, Solelhadís, and Amêndoa, the business centre of Morangal.
Darsa Anglesa, on the northernmost tip of La Canabièra Granda, is the main terminal for tourist ships and ferries from the continent.

Cities of the RES

Main Urban Areas of the Republica Ensolelhada

Other large cities are:


The 16 constituencies of the Popular Assembly are established according to the population so as to ensure a good representation of all the inhabitants of the RES. Each constituency elects ten deputies with a proportional system.
* Morangal is made up of five constituencies
* La Canabièra Pichona is made up of three constituencies
* La Canabièra Granda is made up of three constituencies
* Alt Aigadorenc is but one constituency
* Bargum is but one constituency
* Argentosa is but one constituency
* Sa Costa is but one constituency
* the district of Solelhadís is but one constituency
* the autonomous territory of Los Bedós is not represented in the Popular Assembly, having its own Territorial Government.
The Popular Assembly is thus made up of 160 seats.

Constituencies of the RES

Constituencies of the Republica Ensolelhada


In order to preserve the interests of the smaller regions, each of them has three Senators to represent it, no matter what the population.
Thus each province has three seats, as have the district of Solelhadís and the territory of Los Bedós.
The Senate is thus made up of 27 seats.