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The F S F belongs to the IVEFA


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Football is the second most popular sport of Solelhada, just after rugby.


How it works

Football teams belong to one of three national series, depending on their results in the previous season.
The three national series are:

At the end of each season, the last three teams of the Seria A are relegated to Seria B, and the last three teams of Seria B are relegated to Seria C.
At the same time, the best three teams from Seria B and C move up one series, to A and B, respectively.
The winner of the Seria A becomes the Champion of the F S F, which gives access to international competitions. The 298-299 Champion was Székely Honvéd.

Seria A and B used to be made up of 12 teams each, whereas Seria C was made up of 20 teams.
However, with the break-up of Angliyaa and the absorption of former Angliyaan provinces into Solelhada, the series had to be expanded to make room for the new teams from Morangal and Alt Aigadorenc.
Starting from Autumn, 299, Seria A and B will be made up of 16 teams, and Seria C of 24.

Games and points

Each week, each team plays another team, either home or away. At the end of the season, each team must have played all other teams twice. Each win is worth 3 points, each tie is worth 1 point. Teams totalling the same amount of points then compare their goal average.


At the end of the 298-299 national championship, the twelve teams of Seria A stood as follows:
Team Home Town Points
Székely Honvéd Székelyudvarhely    n/a
Ministry of Tourism and Drugs n/a n/a
Spartak Solelhadís Solelhadís n/a
Universitat Populara de Solelhadís Solelhadís n/a
Universitat Populara de la Canabičra Pichona La Vilassa n/a
Dinamo Darsa Anglesa Darsa Anglesa n/a
Ministry of Defence n/a n/a
Solelhadís FC Solelhadís n/a
Székelyudvarhelyi Ifjúsági Csapat Székelyudvarhely    n/a
Olimpic Hornieira Hornieira n/a
Aigador FC Aigador n/a
Esportiu de la Vilassa La Vilassa n/a

The last two teams went to Seria B, and six new teams joined the top ten: two formerly Seria B, one from Alt Aigadorenc, and three from Morangal).
The current championship is very upset by the political changes, this is why some data are unavailable.


The logo of the national football team (nicknamed Los Diables Roges) mixes the green of the national flag with the traditional Solelhadan colours (red and yellow), with a football in its centre (see title).

The national team sports a red jersey, yellow shorts, and red socks:
Los Diables Roges

This is the alternate jersey of the national team:
Los Diables Roges

Line-up of the national team:
Number Name Position Club
1 Antňni Delmŕs Goal Keeper (C) Spartak Solelhadís
2 Robčrt Auguste Defender Ministry of Tourism
3 Jaufre Peiracava Defender Solelhadís FC
4 Jacme Buňu Defender Dinamo Darsa Anglesa
5 Estčve Fabre Midfield Spartak Solelhadís
6 Gergely Kékkúti Midfield Székely Honvéd
7 Lél Takáts Midfield Székely Honvéd
8 Carlon Delpuňg Libero Székelyudvarhelyi Ifjúsági Csapat
9 Bernat lo Fadat Forward Universitat Populara de la Canabičra Pichona
10 Gčli Langlés Forward Dinamo Darsa Anglesa
11 Nicolau Lavalada Forward Ministry of Defence
12 Pčire Mondin Goal Keeper (R) Ministry of Defence
13 Uc Malastre Defender (R) Spartak Solelhadís
14 Sándor Balogh Defender (R) Székely Honvéd
15 David de la Mar Midfield (R) Aigador FC
16 Joan Portal Midfield (R) Esportiu de la Vilassa
17 Miquču Arrat Midfield (R) Olimpic Hornieira
18 Matiŕs Simorre Midfield (R) Ministry of Tourism & Drugs
19 Jordi Puig Midfield (R) Aigador FC
20 Lehel Szabó Forward (R) Székelyudvarhelyi Ifjúsági Csapat
21 János Körmendy Forward (R) Székely Honvéd
22 Joan Tacatx Forward (R) Calotxa FC
-- Dömötör Álmos Coach National Team